6 1/2 months of joy..

i search for meaning and fulfillment in everything i do. when i teach, i naturally feel fulfilled by the tiniest of challenges overcome by the kids i work with. when i see their confidence soar, i feel so grateful and proud that i am a part of their excitement and growth.

with photography, it happens in different ways at different times. saturday's session was a perfect example of a wonderful, meaningful experience.

it is very important to Jenny that she have pictures of herself with her baby, Della, since that is something she doesn't have of her and her mom. because her mother is no longer with us, i knew i had a very special and important responsibility. my goal was to honestly capture the love and joy i witnessed between this mother and daughter. in experiencing their love, my heart filled up with so much of it as well.

this is one of those sessions that makes me so proud to do what i do, that brings me such joy and inspiration to keep going, and that truly fulfills me to the core. thank you for inviting me in...