here's to change..

A few years ago, I met Barack Obama, twice... before there was even a whisper of him being President, before I knew his name. He came to my workplace at the time to speak (Chicago Children’s Museum), and I was sent to his, the Illinois Capitol, to take photographs. I have shaken his hand, heard him speak, and walked and talked with him and Michelle.

Instantly, I was moved. I felt their sincerity and I liked them, but more importantly, I trusted them. I saw two intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful individuals that had such clear potential and an incredible path to follow.

My instant and innate feeling was: This man will be our President someday… someday. He has to be…

Here’s to hope and moving forward, breaking ground and rising above... to a new President that will inspire us to tears. Until now, I didn’t think that was possible and I never considered that “someday” would arrive so soon.