utterly grateful..

There is a still, quiet beauty all around us, every day… if we are open to seeing it. Photography is a gift that has inspired me, since I was a kid, to take notice and appreciate life’s subtleties…those heart-wrenchingly beautiful moments in ordinary life that make you pause and feel utterly grateful.Those are the moments I strive to capture.

i have been on inspiration overload lately, a combination of a lot things coming together and helping me makes sense of the world, or at least my teeny tiny sliver of it. the combination of solitude with daily hiking and walks, weekly yoga classes, and a lot of writing. it's amazing how suddenly a burst of clarity can arise after months of diligence, stillness... and nurturing of one's self.

as i was re-discovering my intention with photography and refining my artist statement above, i realized there are so many photographs i have taken over the years that are collecting virtual mold in their plain yellow folders stacked on my c:drive. so i am going to make a point to share a few now and then, those moments that have made me pause and take notice of the beauty around us.

fine art by teri genovese
fine art by teri genovese
fine art nature photographby teri genovese

[photographs taken at Malibu Creek State Park, March 2009]