some days are a little bit extraordinary.

how i did not know about this amazing beach when i lived in los angeles is beyond me. is it not extraordinary? these photographs were captured this past november during my 3rd trip back to california since the move. and while i could kick myself for not discovering this beach sooner, i am beyond grateful that this family continues to choose me to create artful memories of their children. i will never forget watching the brilliant pink sky from the parking lot as we said our good-byes. this beach day was a breath of fresh air for all of us - a deep, long exhale - and if i could have paused time, i certainly would have.

it's because of times like these, there will always be a piece of los angeles that feels like home to me.

Malibu Fine Art Children's Photographer
Malibu Fine Art Children's Photography
Malibu Beach Fine Art Children's Photography
Southern California Beach Portrait Photography
Southern California Fine Art Portrait Photography
Los Angeles Documentary Fine Art Children's Photography
Los Angeles Documentary Child Photographer
Los Angeles Documentary Fine Art Child Photographer
Malibu Beach Family Photography
Malibu Beach Family Photography