working with Teri

Lifestyle Portraits, Headshots, Branding Photography


There’s a good chance if you are self-employed or own a small business that your work is your passion.  Your passion is your work.  Your business is an extension of who you are.          

My lifestyle portrait and branding photography sessions go beyond typical headshots.  Imagine having a cohesive collection of photographs on your website that allow your prospective clients to connect with you before they even meet you.

Being a solo-entrepreneur and a small business myself, I completely understand the challenges of a competitive marketplace.  When it comes to building a strong brand image that genuinely represents you and your passion, every detail matters. 

What if your branding and marketing photographs helped you communicate your message, reflected the true quality of your work, and enhanced your position in the marketplace?  

I would love to help you do just that.  


what to expect

You can expect support and guidance through each step of the process, from an initial consult to help you identify your brand qualities and goals to the selection of your final images.  I work with a limited number of clients each month, in order to provide you with the commitment and personal attention that you deserve. 

Photography sessions are easy-going and relaxed, taking place entirely on-location using natural light.  It is my hope that our time together will feel as comfortable as meeting up with a friend, free of the pressure to perform for a camera.

frequently asked questions

+ I always feel nervous around a camera and really do not like being photographed.  Any suggestions?

I hear this frequently and even feel it myself.  Having your photograph taken can be a vulnerable experience.  I totally get it. 

We will work together to thoughtfully plan a session that feels natural and comfortable for you, so that your authentic self shines through.    

It might take a little trust, courage, and letting go, but I hope you’ll allow me to photograph the beauty in you that your friends, family, and clients see everyday.  We are more beautiful than we think. 

 + I’m not sure what location is right for photos and what type of images will help build my brand.  Can you help?

Of course!  Through a simple brainstorm and thoughtful conversation (preferably, in person over a latte), we will work together to discover the best locations and approach based on your unique brand qualities and goals.

If you are working with a website designer, business coach, or marketing consultant, it is also helpful to ask for their ideas, opinions, and any specific technical guidelines before our planning session takes place.


+ Are your fine art / travel photographs available for licensing to use in my website or marketing materials?  Can I purchase fine art prints that I can display at my office / business / store?

Yes, feel free to contact me for a custom quote.  I'd also be happy to suggest photographs for your project from my photo library (beyond my portfolio.)     

(Please note:  Using images without permission is against copyright laws and strictly prohibited.)

+ What is the cost for a headshot / portrait / branding photography session?

Since each project is unique, you will receive a personalized quote based on your specific goals and photography needs.