3 Reasons to Hire a Vacation / Beach Photographer & Happy Spring!

Spring is here!  Technically speaking, that is.  Somewhere beneath the last few inches of snow (here in the North, anyway) I promise you, Spring is near :) 

By mid-March, my summer dreamin' officially begins, and by dreaming, I also mean planning: up north weekends, beach days, camping under the stars.  Northern Michigan books up quick and you only need to learn that lesson once.  

What are you most looking forward to this spring / summer?   

lake michigan family photographer

3 Reasons to Plan Vacation / Beach Photography Sessions

1)  It's Worry-Free:  You can finally relax at the beach or pool without worrying about capturing your kids having the time of their lives or whether your camera is ingesting water and sand. (Guilty of the latter.) 

2)  YOU (the most important reason):  If YOU are typically your family's everyday photographer and collector of memories, you will actually be in the photographs.  You will not have to explain to your kids in 10 years, as you are looking back at your vacation photographs, that you actually were there.  They will see you with them, living it up, together.

3)  The Digital Aftermath:  Following your beach/pool/hiking/fill in the blank adventures, sitting at the computer, editing hundreds of photos, and creating a tangible masterpiece might sound daunting, or outright dreadful.  Handing the job off to a skilled photographer to create a thoughtfully designed, archival, story-telling keepsake, while you revel in the memories in your lazy-boy, might just sound fabulous.  

grand rapids family photographer
lake michigan lifestyle photographer
lake michigan vacation photography

Just think:  Some of your most carefree and happy moments on this earth will not just be documented, but an artful story will be curated and preserved for years to come.  You just have to show up.  Deal?

lake michigan beach photography
lake michigan beach portraits
lake michigan lifestyle family photography

If you are hoping to plan a relaxed, documentary photography session this summer, please contact me soon.  I'm also down with 'day in the life' sessions or capturing your family's 'vacation days,' from Michigan to California and beyond.  

If it's feeling too early, we can even pencil in a time-frame - leave the details for later.  Just don't miss out - summer will be here before we know it, and my schedule books up quick with photo sessions... and my own lazy beach days.  ;)  

(Things might also be a-changing around here at Teri Genovese Photography and session availability is limited.)

lake michigan beach portraits-2
lake michigan beach portraits -3

Sifting back through photographs from last summer, I realized one year olds at the beach make a pretty spectacular combination.  Hope these made you smile and look forward to the much greener, sunnier days ahead!  

hammock dreams // grand rapids newborn photography

it's no wonder why i've been loving my newborn photography sessions lately and feeling completely at ease as i drive away. i asked these new parents what they do at the end of the day to unwind with their new baby. without hesitation they responded with "relaxing together in the hammock".. so i invited them to do just that. i love when i can truly be a fly on the wall, capturing quiet, serene moments - a glimpse into a family's unique daily life. it is my hope that these photographs will only grow with meaning as the years go by, always holding close the emotions felt when their little girl was just 2 weeks old.

grand rapids, michigan newborn photography
grand rapids newborn photographer
grand rapids, michigan newborn photographer
grand rapids, michigan newborn photographer
grand rapids, michigan newborn photography
grand rapids baby photography

tiny warrior: within

"How is love defined in yoga? It is nonharming, honesty, nonstealing, moderation, nonhoarding, purity, contentment, zeal, self-awareness, and surrender. It is being who we were born to be. Love is being who we are." - Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

yoga maternity photograph
yoga maternity photography
yoga maternity photograph
fine art yoga maternity photography

meet Mandy: a beautifully talented yogi and inspiring teacher, who will calm your mind and challenge your entire being simultaneously. a special thanks to Seva Yoga for this beautiful space.

i'll soon be posting more photos from Mandy's lifestyle maternity session on my Facebook page.. i hope you'll follow me there!

there are two boys who love to fly.

On two winter days

And across the country apart,

There are two boys who love to fly.

With their wide eyes turned up to the sky,

I see they are dreamers already.

los angeles baby photographer

los angeles baby photographer

grand rapids children's photographer

grand rapids children's photographer

The first set of images was taken in December in Los Angeles, California. The second set was taken earlier this evening in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both families were referred to me from the very same friend... what a small world this is.

Whichever kind of winter you are lucky to have, I hope you’ve taken a moment to see the beauty and soak up every last bit. After living in Southern California for a few (wonderfully sunny) years, I never thought I would say it… but, I think I missed the brisk, snowy winter. I am now seeing it with fresh eyes and I’ve never enjoyed it more. (32° is the new 72°)  ;)