runyon canyon bench series (post 2)

This personal project is purposefully a very simple one: To photograph this bench with my Diana (a plastic toy film camera) every time I reach the peak of my hike up Runyon Canyon. The rule is: I'll wait only a minute or so to anticipate and document a fleeting moment, and I must take a picture of whatever is happening every time I reach this spot. (even if I am not terribly inspired and wouldn’t have taken the shot otherwise) I started hiking Runyon Canyon within days of landing in Los Angeles. My brother’s best friend took me the first time and I was hooked. I loved the physical challenge, the views, the dogs.. and I loved the crooked, oversized bench with peeled paint that sinks back just enough that you can’t help but really let go and just be. It is a place to disconnect from the city and calm your mind.

After over 4 years and a couple of hundred hikes, I started to take my camera. Knowing I won’t always live so close to this trail that is so much more than a trail to me, I needed to document a piece of the experience. I am now hooked on the project and excited to see where it goes (even though these photographs are super grainy and completely imperfect).

I'm planning to post more photographs from the bench series next Friday, so check back!

runyon canyon bench photography - hollywood, california

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

runyon canyon bench photography - hollywood, california

Same day... a few moments later

runyon canyon bench photograph - hollywood, california

Thursday, May 6, 2010

[photographs taken at runyon canyon in hollywood, california with my diana camera, may 2010]